Donate through us! -SLH is Donating 20% of February 2021 Proceeds to @aarcs. This is the last week that we are donating to AARCS, although we will be donating throughout the year. Services must be purchased in Feb ’21 but can be scheduled outside of Feb ’21 to qualify for donation.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society continues to save once homeless animals by donations ONLY. SLH & AARCS values align in supporting & protecting all animal welfare.

Over 4,000 animals come through AARCS programs each year.
Every day AARCS receives calls about animals in need of help — from broken bones, gunshot wounds, embedded porcupine quills, and mange to deadly diseases such as parvovirus.

If you would like to donate on your own-

Oreo, Pinky & Black Paw, soon to be adoptable through AARCS!

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