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SLH are amazing to work with. Stacie has styled my high profile clients for photoshoots and the clients have loved her choices and advice so much they have changed the way they dress! She has also helped me personally and I can’t recommend Stacey enough. A true profession with a great eye and a pleasure to work with.

Wayne Fick


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

I had the pleasure of working with with SLH back in 2017. I’ve always hated clothes shopping, but understood the importance of looking professional and put together as a manager of a company. I decided to enlist the help of SLH to make this happen and it was a fun and educational experience. They were able to create a wardrobe for me that fit my personality well, which included some items that pushed me out of my comfort zone. My new wardrobe consisted of a select number of items that worked together to provide various combinations. This made it easy to get dressed each morning; I felt confident and professional; and I received several compliments from colleagues on my new look. I found so much value in the process, I convinced my husband to enlist SLH services as well. We contacted Stacie in November 2019 and she took him through the process. Stacie is wonderful to work with. She is professional and efficient, and she even managed to make the process fun for my husband, which is saying something (taking a man clothes shopping isn’t for the faint of heart!) He now has both a business and casual wardrobe that looks amazing on him. He too, now feels confident and put together for any occasion. Do yourself a favour and contact SLH today…it’s the best gift you could give yourself!

Tanya B


I enlisted Stacie’s help in updating my wardrobe for work. She immediately understood the look I wanted and was expertly tuned to the style that matched my career. Stacie is energetic, knowledgeable, and super super fun to just hang out with while creating a unique and personal style. I still reach out to her for advice and highly recommend her.

Rob Birch


Using SLH Personal Stylists has been life changing! I was hoping for a few tips and suggestions, what I got instead was some incredibly meaningful advice and the ability to understand what looks good on me (and what didn’t). Stacie worked with me hands-on to review my wardrobe while defining and refining my style. Her customer service is excellent, her support has been ongoing, and I feel so much better about getting dressed in the morning!

Richel Davies


Stacie did an amazing job styling me for my wedding. From the moment I reached out to her she did an excellent job staying in touch, planning a consultation, and planning a shop. It was great that she took care of the planning and scheduling for me.

The shop went great. Stacie had options pulled for me when I met her and we started trying things on right away. Her planning and work during the consultation paid off and I ended up going with options she had pulled. Stacie understood the vision my fiance and I had for my outfit and she nailed it.

Apart from the styling, she was professional, friendly, and very generous with her time. Amazing value for money with SLH. I would highly recommend and will definitely be hiring her again!

Regan Hines


Stacie has a magical way of understanding exactly what you need and want! She recently planned and styled a photo shoot for my company launch and I am more than thrilled with the outcome of so many amazing photos I can use for my website and social media. Stacie understood my vision right from the start and turned it into a reality. She was meticulous with every last detail from outfits, hair and makeup, jewelry, poses and props. She pampered me the whole day and made sure everything was in place so I could quickly change outfits and maximize our time with the photographer. Stacie is calm, professional and kind. She made me feel confident and comfortable the entire day. I would highly recommend Stacie for her services, she is amazing!

Purely Healthy


I walked into SLH stylists a bit confused about the person I was. I didn’t have a “fashion sense” or my own “style,” but Stacie made it so easy!

She is an absolutely incredible stylist who takes the time to get to know “you.” She cares about all the little things and finds clothes and accessories that not only fit, but make you feel good.

She’s always so professional and you feel like royalty when you walk into every store with her because everyone knows who she is — a testament to the many connections she’s made in the fashion industry.

I can’t recommend enough one of the most talented, kind-hearted and trusted individuals to best get you started.


Mark Villani


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Cannot thank SLH Stylist enough!!

Personally I have no idea with any faishoin or style with clothing whatsoever. Stacie and Katelyn did not just help me dress “fashionably” but help me find what fits me own style.

As a first timer, Stacie and Katelyn have been nothing but kind, patient, and professional. Not just only coordinate all the orders perfectly (which is not easy with the pandemic), and were able assist with return and provide other alternative when the online store were unable to fulfill the order.

Also a big shout out to Anastasia (at anastasiaphotography) who provided if not the most fun and professional photoshoot experience.

Cannot wait for the next styling experience with SLH for the next season!

Lin Taylor


Stacie is more than a stylist- she’s a midwife who helps birth the next evolution of your best self! Stacie listened deeply to my needs, my lifestyle and the way I want to show up in the world. She educated me on shapes, colors, fabrics, quality…and even on the eco-consciousness of different brands. Not only did I end up with a wardrobe that makes me feel fabulous and brings me lots of compliments, she left me with the confidence to mix and match items to create other great looks. I can’t recommend her highly enough – and I can’t wait for my next session with her.

Dr. Deb Kern


I cannot say enough good things about Stacie! She is knowledgeable, professional, detail-oriented and altogether fun to work with! We went through my closet, sorted through all my clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry and then prepared a list of items needed to fill in the gaps. I now have an amazing wardrobe that fits me well, all the pieces go together and it is so much simpler to figure out what to wear. She knew where to shop, took the time to figure out what style I had and took shopping, which was an otherwise painful experience for me, and made it fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone, its the best money I’ve spent!

Deanne Benning


I love the wardrobe Stacie built for me! I get multiple compliments a day! Even my kids have noticed and like the change! My experiences with Stacie have truly changed me and my life! Stacie took the time to get to know me! So when I showed up at the mall to start trying on what she had pulled, she nailed it! She also took the time to educate me on fabrics, brands, coordination and more! She went above and beyond to make sure everything was fantastic for me! I plan to work with her again to build a summer wardrobe!



SLH Personal Stylists are very professional. They really listened to me and helped me build a wardrobe and style that I love. Their comprehensive process and willingness to work within my budget made my experience enjoyable and stress-free. I’ve hired SLH twice now and plan to do a summer shop with them again soon! I 100% recommend!

Danielle Montgomery


Stacie is incredible, and I can honestly say she’s changed my life for the better! I have worked with Stacie for almost six years now, and she has become a good friend. She knows me and my style better than I do! I was a bit hopeless with fashion, and always present a challenge- I often have time or budgetary constraints, and Stacie will always accommodate. Whatever we have to work with, I know I’ll come away feeling confident and fabulous. Stacie has given me the knowledge and ability to create endless outfits in my wardrobe. It’s so true that well styled outfits can change the way you feel. Stacie is incredibly good at reading people and adjusts to suit each person’s unique style. I would (and do!) very highly recommend her to anyone wanting to feel more polished and confident! Making an impact and a multitude of compliments are guaranteed!


Christy Leslie


Stacie is the best, I can’t say enough good things, the entire process was so much fun! I felt completely supported and because she listens and cares about her clients. I’m so happy with my new wardrobe and the amazing photos that I have been able to use for my business. Can’t wait for the next time we get to work together!

Chelsea Frederick Coaching

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