Don’t just hear it from us –

let our stylish clients tell you how they look & feel


Just wanted to say thanks again for the help picking out all my newly acquired stuff. Best money I spent was engaging you in helping me out. You had me think outside of my “comfort zone” in clothing. Now I’m the proud owner of some wonderful pieces! I really enjoyed myself today as well as last time. You’re great at what you do!

Teresa Shaw


Stacie really helped me to understand style basics and put together looks that matched both my personality and budget. I meet with clients everyday, so it is important for me to look polished and professional. I get compliments on my outfits all the time now!

Shirley Blundell


SLH styled my wife & did a great job, I had no choice but to step it up! Stacie somehow finds all the good stuff in Calgary. I’m so happy with the way Stacie was able to utilize most of my old clothes & find all the pieces I was missing. She also did an amazing job at organizing our closet. We have easy access to all of our clothes & accessories which means NO more frustration. Great work SLH.



Stacie is amazing! She is honest and truly has your best interest at heart. I love her approach to styling, and how she prepares you to be able to style yourself. I learned so much, and had so much fun! I want all my friends to have the SLH experience – it is so worth it!

Nikki S


Stacie opened my eyes to why I was so frustrated every time I went into my closet. Her step by step styling program taught me everything I had ever wanted to know about styling. I now know how to dress & shop for my body type & how to put outfits together. All this time I was so intimidated by fashion, if I only knew it could be so exciting to get dressed everyday! SLH Personal Stylists made me feel so comfortable during the process & stressed how important it was that we focused on my style (NOT theirs) & that my wardrobe has to fit with my lifestyle. This experience was a life changing one for me. Can’t wait for our spring/summer session!

Linda Cooper


I hired Stacie nine months after having my first child. I was feeling frumpy and awkward every time I left my house due to the clothes I was wearing. When I tried to get myself new clothes I felt totally lost, not knowing what to buy for my body shape or even my age.

After having Stacie show me what works for my shape and age, and how to wear what works for me, I feel more confident than I ever remember feeling. I no longer tug and fidget with my clothes all day, I just get dressed and go about my day without ruminating about how I look. I no longer wander aimlessly in and out of clothing stores feeling confused, I know what to avoid and what to seek out.

Working with Stacie was the best thing I could have done for myself and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve not only how they look, but how they feel.

Kathryn McTavish