Meet the SLH Team

From the lively shores of Vancouver to the sunny plains of Calgary, SLH personal stylists have you covered – and not just for the weather – but dressed to impress. With our team’s unique expertise and passion, your wardrobe is about to glow up.


Owner, Personal Stylist

Stacie, studied fashion design at Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver, graduating in 2006 – after which, she began a clothing line under the SLH brand and dived into styling photo shoots. She inherited her unique talents and passion for fashion from her grandmother, all of which fueled her to found SLH Personal Stylists in 2008.

SLH is a personal styling company based out of Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. Her love and appreciation for effortless styling organically lead her to creating SLH, where she assists both women and men in discovering their personal style. SLH strives to help clients feel amazing by styling to their lifestyle, body-type, and guiding their look through all ages and stages of life.

She believes style is the inherent easiness of mixing high & low, off-the-shelf & couture.



Kate’s first introduction into the fashion industry were in the early stages of her childhood, with her Grandmother opening a clothing store. After her Aunt took over, Kate would accompany her to the buying trips. Kate gained much fashion knowledge and insight. She became further aware of a possible future career in the fashion industry, therefore moved to Vancouver to take Fashion Marketing at Blanche Macdonald. Kate prides herself on being truthful to her clients, and is committed to helping them achieve their desired fashion and style goals with each of their individual tastes, lifestyle requirements and body types to create a look that is unique to them.



As a little girl, Paris already had a passion for fashion – her favourite thing to do was play dress up, whether that meant trying on mom’s high heels, playing in endless dance costumes, or just changing her outfit four times per day. Being so obsessed with fashion, there was no surprise when she began studying it and instantly found success. Paris now balances pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer in her hometown of Vancouver, and her career in personal styling, never having felt more fulfilled. As a stylist for SLH, Paris believes in fitting a person’s wardrobe to their lifestyle, body type, and personality, to give them a truly original sense of style. Paris loves shopping the sales just as much as working directly with designers, diversifying her knowledge of the fashion industry.



Kate’s mum and dad bought her an SLR camera when she was nine years old, and from that point she was fascinated by the details in everyday life. She began by taking innovative photographs of the beautiful English countryside where she grew up and fell in love with Henri Cartier-Bresson’s emotive photojournalism while in art school – which she still draws inspiration from to this day. She finds beautiful framing, personality, emotions, and the perfect moments with which to tell people’s stories through the medium of photography. Her work ties beautifully into fashion, branding, and lifestyle photography, because she seeks to tell the stories of her subjects in a genuine way. Kate works closely with her clients to collaboratively create each shoot based on an intention that is truly reflective of their individual needs – because people want to see the real them. Capturing people in an honest way, Kate’s work showcases a client’s personality, new look, and their business, with integrity.

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